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  abandon v. go away from not intending to return; forsake; desert

  abstract adj. existing in thought or as an idea but not having a physical or practical existence

  academy n. school for special training

  access n. ~ means of approaching or entering ; way in

  accommodate v. provide lodging or room for

  accompany v. walk or travel with as a companion or helper; escort

  accumulate v. gradually get or gather together an increasing number or quantity of get in this way

  accurate adj. free from error

  achieve v. gain or reach , usu by effort, skill, courage, etc

  acknowledge v. accept the truth of admit

  acquire v. gain by ones own ability, efforts or behavior

  adapt v. ~ sth. make sth. suitable for a new use, situation, etc; modify sth.

  adequate adj. ~ satisfactory in quantity or quality; sufficient

  adjacent having a common endpoint or border also immediately preceding or following

  adjust v. put into the correct order or position; arrange

  administrate v. to administer

  adult adj. grown to full size or strength

  advocate v. speak publicly in favour of ; recommend; support

  affect v. have an influence on ; produce an effect on