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  Visiting the Great Wall on Badaling

  It is fine today. I made an appointment with my foreign friend Peter to visit the Great Wall on Badaling.

  We set out early in the morning. We first took the subway and then the bus. On reaching the foot of the Great Wall, Peter was attracted by the landscape immediately."What a won der!" he said repeatedly and pulled me onto the cable car at once. We got a view of the beautiful scenery. After a while, we got to the Great Wall. Peter was very excited. He touched the bricks frequently. I explained to him when and how’ we Chinese built the wall. He listened with great interest. When we entered a turret, Peter was more curious. I told him what the turret was and what it was built for. "It was really an amazing achievement!" Peter gasped with admiration and took several photos. Unconsciously, we found we had reached the Stele of Brave Man, the symbol of the Great Wall. A lot of visitors gathered around it and took photos. I translated the words on the stele for Peter. "Only the one who can reach the Great Wall is a brave man." "Really?" Peter asked jokingly. We both laughed.

  It the time to go back. We were fascinated by the scenery and reluctant to leave. We really had a pleasant time.