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葡京赌场:  1991.101998.09,中共中央办公厅调研室宣传组副局级调研员、副组长、组长(1993.09正局级)、统战组组长,调研室副主任。

  Part One of the Writing Test paper will require you to write a message or memo according to the instructions given. Usually a description of the context is given and an indication of the person for whom the message is intended. In addition, 3 tasks are given for you to include in your message, note, or memo.

  If you are asked to write a memo, you should not worry about the actual form of the memo. Address your memo to the person mentioned in the instructions (eg Dear Mr Lao or simply Mr Lao) but R isn t necessary for you to include any other details such as an address, or a date in memos for this test.

  As you will see from the following example, you should try to write between 30 and 40 words. Try to keep to this number of words, but, if you write a few words more than 40 words, don t worry about going back and crossing out part of what you have written. Conversely, 2 or 3 words under 30 should not result in any loss of marks though several fewer words may lead to fewer marks being given.

  You work for a company which manufactures pocket calculators, electronic diaries and world-time clocks. You have arranged to give a, sales presentation of these products but you know that the people attending your presentation are interested chiefly in pocket calculators.

  Write a short note to Mr Lao Tse Ming, the sales manager.

  Ask his permission to take these 12 pocket calculators, together with 6 electronic diaries.

  Explain why you want them.

  Mention a time and date when you will collect them and when you will return them.

  Mr Lao,

  Couldt borrow 12 pocket calculators and 6 electronic diaries to Demonstrate at a sales " presentation? I can collect them on Wednesday afternoon, June 17, the day before the presentation and return them on Friday morning, June 19.