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  The Advantages of Private Cars


  Many years ago, the private car is expensive, there are not so many people can afford it. Since our country has joined WTO, the economy develops fast, more and more people have money to buy what they want, now as people’s life standard has improved in general, private car is no longer belongs to the rich people, most families can afford. Owning the private cars has many advantages, first, people can save time. They can drive their cars to go where they want directly, they don’t have to waste to time to wait for the bus. Second, it is much convenient for people, they can drive their cars to go travel, enjoying the beautiful scenery all the way.

  很多年以前,私家车是很贵的,并没有多少人能够买得起。自从我们国家加入了WTO, 经济快速发展,越来越多的人有钱去买他们想要的,如今随着人们生活水平整体的提高,私家车不再仅仅属于富人,大部分家庭可以买得起。拥有私家车有很多好处,第一,人们可以节省时间。他们可以驾着自己的车直接去想要去的地方,不必花费时间来等公车。第二,对于人们来说也很方便,他们可以驾着车子去旅游,享受沿途美丽的风景。